Sunday, July 17, 2016


that I've recently stumbled upon

Research by the British Communications agency, Ofcom, has reported that Britons spend more time watching TV, gaming and using their mobile phones and computers than sleeping. If I’m honest this comes as no surprise to me, especially since, through a quick analysis of my day, I have worked out that I am one of those statistics: spending roughly 6 hours using technology for work purposes and 3 hours for pleasure each day.

Like many, I have quite a few phone apps, bookmarked web pages, and recorded TV programmes to keep me entertained each day, perhaps too many, which is why when a new online application or TV series is brought to my attention, I am reluctant to indulge them in trepidation that it will be more like 15 hours I spend using technology rather than 9! Alas, every now and again I succumb to the effects of technological advancements;  I’ve recently engaged with Snapchat, which I said I’d never do, I’ve only just downloaded Pinterest, which has been going for years, and I’m yet, if ever, still to try the Uber app. One app I’m quite confident I won’t be indulging is the new Pokemon Go application, but never say never……..

There are 5 apps/websites that I’m loving right now and have been using for a few months; I can’t believe I didn’t know about them sooner so I thought I would share them here -  they’re not particularly health/fashion related and apologies if these are not available outside the UK.


1.  Deezer

At least 3 times a week I work out at home on the treadmill and/or in the garden. I’ve created a great music playlist using this music-on-demand app to work up a sweat to.

2. My Voucher Code

I’m literally kicking myself that I have not chosen to use this website before. It offers you a voucher code or discount, which you can redeem against online purchases and at restaurants. I got 25% of my meal at ASK Italian restaurant last weekend and a decent percentage off an online purchase this week to name a couple -  that’ll do nicely thank you!

3. Free Prints

Have you got photos on your camera and your Facebook and Instagram albums that you love and want as a print? This app will do just that. Once the app is downloaded, you simply select the camera/album photo you want to print, decide on the size and press order -  your free quality 6x4  prints are sent to you in the post. Note, you do pay for additional larger prints but only a small amount.

4. Top Cash Back 

I probably spend more time purchasing online than in store, which is why I am frustrated I didn’t entertain this website before now. When you shop with a selected merchant, Top Cash Back gives you back a percentage of your spend once your purchase is confirmed. As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, my Top Cash Back account is well on the way to funding my next designer bag purchase.

5. Shpock

I’m not a fan of the traditional boot sale, but the Shpock app is a boot sale with a difference. You simply take a photo of the item you want to sell, upload it, write a title and short description, set a fair price and wait for potential customers to get in touch. You then deliver the item by hand or post once you have received payment. The nice thing about this is that you can buy and sell things from people locally in your neighbourhood by filtering by distance.

What websites/apps are you loving right now?

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  1. Morning Colleen! I know what u mean since is the same for me. At the moment Im trying also to do not use many apps but to reduce the time spent online, too much too handle otherwise lol! Btw, those apps u use seems very cool, thanks for the recommendation. Pinterest is one of my big addiction, find it very inspiring and useful. I still havent Snapchat and definitely dont think to upload PokemonGo..people went too much crazy with it! Happy Monday! xo

  2. Thank your dear Colleen for introducing all these great apps. Same Apps makes the everyday life easier, like the public means of transport or farfetch with the newest sale. ;) So top cash back sounds like a good App for me. Some other Apps are fun, but eats much of time, like SnapChat.
    At the moment everyone is crazy about Pokemon. This is definitiv not for me!
    Habe a great week dear Colleen.

  3. True, I also watch a lot of TV in the UK, and record many series, movies, documentaries... to watch later. When I see, the box is full and I haven't watched things for months :) I know what you mean, I don't think I will register for SnapChat, but we never know! I bet you are having fun, so why not! I loved some of the apps you recommended - the Top Cash back and My Voucher, my favorite ones here! And I didn't know about them, so thank you very much for sharing them! My blog and computer are finally on again, hope you have a nice week!


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